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What We Do

OSACO Group safeguards your organisation from the threats and liabilities of Human Risk factors.

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Who We Are

OSACO Group is a global and multi-lingual team of experienced investigative consultants.

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Why It Matters

All organisations are vulnerable to human risk factors that can impact adversely on your reputation and organisational purpose.

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Who We Work With

OSACO Group works with organisations of all kinds, throughout the world.

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Where We Work

OSACO's global network of consultants specialise in compliance, governance, safeguarding and anti-corruption. We operate in more than 30 countries throughout the world.

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Workshops & Training

OSACO Group delivers regular workshops and briefings throughout the globe.

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Let's keep it simple. If you've got people, you are vulnerable to human risk factors

People are capable of remarkable things, but we’re also fallible. It’s a simple truth that’s never been so clearly visible in our global humanitarian organisations, international businesses, financial institutions and governing bodies.

OSACO Group safeguards your organisation from the threats and liabilities of Human Risk factors



Human risk factors can, and do, occur anywhere and in any organisation. They range from fraud, corruption and financial crime, to sexual exploitation, abuse and safeguarding failures.

OSACO Group helps organisations of all kinds to anticipate, identify and combat unacceptable conduct by those who work within them and/or on their behalf.


We provide expert investigators and other specialists to predict, prevent and respond to your human risk factors. We are agile, responsive and highly capable

When we engage with you, you get our full and undivided attention. We know that a personalised service drives better outcomes. You will have a top team and a dedicated manager.



Imagine turning your organisational threats into advantages. Mastering risk builds confidence in your organisation, creating customer and societal trust.

The hard truth is that poor risk management severely impacts your organisational goals, funding, revenue and profit streams. This is something you cannot afford.


OSACO Workshops

OSACO creates and delivers workshops throughout the globe

Global Workshops

Regular workshops and professional development opportunities throughout the globe. Online and in-person delivery available.

Leadership Programmes

Team and Leadership Training Programmes for participants at all levels. OSACO Leadership Programmes are scheduled on request.

Private/Public Workshops

OSACO will be releasing dates for further workshops for the public and private sectors.

OSACO Africa

OSACO Group has established a permanent physical presence in Africa, OSACO Africa. OSACO’s Africa base was set up in response to growing demand in Africa and to better serve its existing client base.

On-the-ground operations

A range of specialist services

A team of international experts

A physical presence in Africa

OSACO Integrity Unit

Is there a gap between the aims, values, and stated intentions of your organisation and the way the people within it behave?




Latest News And Opinions

OSACO team members share their views and insights on topical issues

Global Credentials

OSACO Group continuously benchmarks its work against key global standards and accreditation frameworks. OSACO Group is licensed by the Ministry of Justice under the Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010 (Licence No:22-096348)


OSACO Group is listed as a quality assured service provider  on the directory of the global Resource and Support Hub for safeguarding.


Alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is central to our values and the way we operate. To find out more about the UN’s goals go here.


OSACO is proud to be an affiliated member of the New Zealand Council for International Development. To find out more about CID’s goals go here.


Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. Our PSEA service providers specialise in training, safeguarding, investigations, complaints and reporting mechanisms.

bond uk

OSACO Group is registered with Bond UK as an accredited supplier to its network of civil society organisations working to eradicate global poverty, inequality and injustice.

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