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Safeguard your workplace from fraud, corruption, exploitation, and harassment with OSACO workplace investigations and training.

OSACO Group is a global network of experts in investigations, safeguarding, compliance, governance, security, and anti-corruption.

We work to support ethical workplaces by preventing and mitigating the adverse impacts of human behaviour. We help you to anticipate, identify and combat unacceptable conduct by those who work within or on behalf of your business or organisation.


OSACO Group safeguards your organisation from the threats, risks and liabilities that occur because of human behaviour.

We provide expert investigators and other specialists to predict, prevent, and respond to risk, threats, and liabilities arising from human behaviour. We have more than 60 consultants around the world ready to assist you.

All organisations are vulnerable to risk, threats, and liabilities arising from human behaviour. These can impact adversely on your reputation and organisational purpose.

You might say you are ethical, transparent and accountable, but that has to be proven not just by what you do, but how you do it.


OSACO Group provides a range of services in support of the prevention of modern slavery and worker exploitation


Is there a gap between the aims, values, and stated intentions of your organisation and the way the people within it behave?


A Safeguarding Audit is an integral part of any due diligence and accountability assessment. It’s mandatory for all organisations, especially those coming into direct contact with marginalised and 'at risk' populations.

New Zealand Credentials

Sustainable Business Network Impact Investor

Member of the Wanaka Business Chamber
Member of the New Zealand Middle East Business Council

Member of Kuma (Southern Māori Business Network)
Member of the Africa New Zealand Business Chamber

NZIBA 2023 Maori Export Excellence Osaco

Global Credentials

OSACO Group continuously benchmarks its work against key global standards and accreditation frameworks. OSACO Group is licensed by the Ministry of Justice under the Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010 (Licence No:22-096348)


OSACO Group is listed as a quality assured service provider  on the directory of the global Resource and Support Hub for safeguarding.


Alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is central to our values and the way we operate. Find out more about the UN’s goals.


OSACO is proud to be an affiliated member of the New Zealand Council for International Development. To find out more about CID’s goals go here.

UN global compact logo

We are one of only a handful of NZ businesses that has joined this voluntary leadership platform for the development, implementation, and disclosure of responsible business practices.

digna logo

Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. Our PSEA service providers specialise in training, safeguarding, investigations, complaints and reporting mechanisms.

bond uk logo

OSACO Group is registered with Bond UK as an accredited supplier to its network of civil society organisations working to eradicate global poverty, inequality and injustice.

Jaydene Buckley

"OSACO Group has the expertise needed to position New Zealand businesses and organisations to meet and exceed the requirements of this important new legislation so that they are positioned to do business ethically, both here in New Zealand and overseas."

Jaydene Buckley, Managing Director, OSACO Group


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