Latest training evaluation shows consistently high-quality delivery

OSACO Certified Training

We regularly receive extremely positive feedback from training participants. Our latest training evaluation analysis showed the following average results: 

  • Clearly defined training objectives: 100% 
  • Knowledgeable trainers: 99% 
  • Well-organised content: 99% 
  • Well-prepared trainers: 99% 
  • Interaction encouraged: 99% 
  • Training objectives met: 96% 

(Average scores in feedback received from training participants across five delivery locations in 2023)

“OSACO Group has spent the past 10 years delivering training around the world, continually updating our content to ensure its relevance,” says OSACO Group’s Global Head of Training Rachel Forrester. 

“We are very pleased to receive evaluation feedback reaching such percentage as these. Consistently receiving feedback such as this has provided us with the impetus to develop and launch our own certified training programme. This programme is designed to meet existing and future workplace misconduct investigations training needs around the world.”

OSACO Certified Training diagram

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