Jonas Frey

Chief of Staff

With more than 20 years spent working worldwide in Special Operations, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operations, Diving Operations, Research and Development, Personal Protective Security, and Physical Security you’d be right to expect that Jonas brings a calm, professional leadership style to his work with OSACO clients.

Jonas utilises his experience in leading teams through high risk operations to provide practical solutions to risk management. He has a focus on proactive, preventative work for OSACO clients, in addition to the ability to be responsive to rapidly-evolving situations. He has the ability to apply his well-honed analytical skills to identify and mitigate human behaviour risk.

“OSACO is an agile, responsive, and well-respected global organisation focused on solving real-world problems that make a difference. That resonates strongly with me.”

Key skills: High performance under pressure, people management, analytical skills.

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