Senior Consultants

Leone Scott

New Zealand

Leone Scott joined OSACO Group in early 2020. Leone has a 12-year background in policing and also spent five years running a popular brand with a network of New Zealand franchise businesses. Now based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Leone contributes high-level investigative skills and the ability to conduct work within politically sensitive environments to her work with OSACO clients in a range of countries.

Mette Marie Honoré


Based in Denmark, Mette has an extensive legal background and used her skills to work in human rights and refugee law, before shifting to international programming for 10 years. Mette’s recent work has focused on accountability, code of conduct and safeguarding investigations.

David Jenkins-Handy

United Kingdom

Based in the UK, David brings many years of experience working as at a senior level in governance, risk, and compliance for the International Compliance Association to his work at OSACO. David is a qualified lead auditor and compliance officer and has produced training, governance frameworks, policies, and controls including safeguarding, conflict of interest, confidentiality, and other risk management mechanisms.

Michael Taylor

United Kingdom

Michael is an accomplished senior-level investigative leader with more than 30 years’ experience successfully managing demanding, high-risk national and international investigations.

Christopher (Chris) Delaney

New Zealand

Chris has worked for more than 30-years providing investigation, organisational reviews and risk services in public and private sectors. Initially, he worked as a Detective with the New Zealand Police, then in the corporate sector, and for more than 10 years in the humanitarian and development sectors.

Kima Tuialii

New Zealand

Kima Tuialii joined OSACO Group in July 2022. Kima has nearly a decade of experience in criminal law, beginning her legal career at the Serious Fraud Office where she worked exclusively on serious and complex fraud and corruption cases.

Sarah Cato

New Zealand

Based in Auckland New Zealand, Sarah has a business degree with a double major in strategic planning and leadership and has spent time working in both the corporate and public sector.