Certified Workplace Misconduct Training

The global gold standard for workplace misconduct investigation training.

OSACO Group is proud to offer its new certified training

OSACO Group certified workplace misconduct training is robust, thorough, up-to-date, fit-for-purpose, supported by ongoing mentoring, and backed up by a re-certification process to ensure organisational knowledge and individual competence is maintained.

OSACO Group Managing Director Jaydene Buckley provides an overview of the benefits of OSACO's certified workplace misconduc training.

OSACO Group Senior Consultant (Training) Steve Gibson introduces OSACO Group's Certified Training.


Three Course Programme

6-Months Coaching

Individual and Organisational certification

Key Benefits

  • Exact alignment with your needs and requirements
  • OSACO conducts a needs assessment prior to the training to ensure the training is exactly aligned with participants’ requirements
  • Training content is constantly updated to remain up-to-date and fit-for-purpose
  • OSACO supports its training with an extended 6-month period of mentoring and coaching
  • Donors can have confidence that OSACO Group-certified organisations have the necessary systems, policies, and resources in place to conduct workplace investigations
  • OSACO training is powerful evidence of competency when you’re recruiting or applying for roles requiring investigative skills
  • Become a part of OSACO’s global community of qualified investigators

Delivery Locations

Training where and when you need it

Our certified workplace misconduct training is different from other training offerings because it can be delivered in any location, in person and online.

Delivery Languages

We deliver in the languages your people speak

Our certified workplace misconduct training is currently delivered in English and French with delivery in Spanish and Portuguese offered from 2024. Other training language delivery capability will be offered as it becomes available.

Cost: USD $2,100

Certified Training Programme – Weekly milestones*


* Dates are indicative

OSACO Group’s popular Certified Training is also available as individual module components.


Pre-Course Needs assessment*

USD $250 per person

Online Effective Workplace Investigations Training

USD $650 per person

Four-day face-to-face training

USD $950 per person

Coaching and mentoring**

USD $350 per person

* We recommend this is included to allow us to undertake a gaps analysis as this adds value to our approach to the training, however training of your team member/members can still occur without this element.
** This can only be added as a bundle item following a face-to-face course.

Online Training Options

Effective Workplace Investigations


Course participants are introduced to the core principles of a misconduct or sexual abuse and harassment (SEAH) investigation.

After completing the course participants will be able to:

  • Name the elements of a misconduct investigation
  • Define the key concepts of a workplace investigation
  • Specify how confidentiality and due process relate to a misconduct investigation

Participants will also be trained in planning an investigation and in the following core competencies for effective workplace investigations:


  • Describe what evidence is
  • Identify different sources of evidence
  • Demonstrate appropriate ways of obtaining and handling evidence
  • Assess evidence obtained
  • Define different types of evidence


  • Recognise the basic principles of interviewing
  • Assess the best methods of conducting and recording an interview
  • Follow the PEACE process when conducting an interview
  • Recognise a vulnerable interviewee and deploy appropriate interview techniques
  • Taking a “trauma Informed” approach to victims and survivors of SEAH


  • Understand general considerations to be taken into account when writing reports

Investigation managers:

  • Understand the role of an investigator’s manager in overseeing workplace investigations.

Cost: USD $650


Anti-Corruption Training


This new OSACO Group training offering includes case studies and interactive quizzes designed to provide you with the skills to:

  • Understand the definition of corruption
  • Identify different types of corruption
  • Recognise global manifestations and impacts of corruption
  • Understand global actions to combat corruption
  • Understand measures to take to combat corruption

Cost: USD $650

Proven results

We regularly receive extremely positive feedback from training participants. Results from our latest training evaluation analysis showed the following average results:

Clearly defined training objectives
Knowledgeable trainers
Well-organised content
Well-prepared trainers
Interaction encouraged
Training objectives met
Toni Carroll


OSACO Group’s Global Head of Training is Toni Carroll

Toni has many years of experience in security, resilience, and strategic planning. She is a passionate and results-driven professional who thrives on solving complex problems and achieving organisational goals.

Toni's roles include a long career spanning nearly 30 years with NZ Police, which equipped her with a valuable skill set that encompasses operational excellence, strategy and cultural leadership.

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