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How We Operate

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Our approach is predictive and preventative when possible and reactive and responsive when needed.

We provide expert investigators and other ESG, SEAH, and compliance specialists with an extensive track record of living and working in Africa to predict, prevent, and respond to your human risk factors.


We are agile, responsive, and highly capable

When you engage with us, you have our full and undivided attention.

We know that a personalised service in a difficult environment drives better outcomes. When you work with OSACO Africa you will have a top team and a dedicated manager at your disposal.

We have extensive experience working in the African context. We arrive to our work with you with cultural competency and ready to be effective.


We understand the context in which you operate

OSACO Africa team members have lived, worked, conducted, and managed independent investigations and other services in the places where you are.

We understand your on-the-ground realities, within sometimes sensitive contexts. We can also work in your headquarters or field locations and we are able to quickly develop a good working understanding of the needs of any organisation, its regulatory framework and its network of stakeholders.

We conduct effective investigations, not for you, but ‘with’ you

Our Services

  • Safeguarding including the prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment
  • Investigations – Integrity – Anti corruption
  • Reputation audits
  • Improving environmental and social outcomes (developing ESG criteria and investigative due diligence)
  • Strategic planning
  • Regulatory and compliance
  • Governance
  • Gaps analysis e.g. operational and financial risks, physical security, integrity and wellness
  • Cyber security
  • Mentoring and training

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