Leadership Team

Jaydene Buckley

New Zealand

Jaydene Buckley is Managing Director of OSACO Group. Jaydene is a former member of the New Zealand Police where she spent her later years as a police liaison officer in Māori communities. Her team developed a strongly proactive, community-based approach to issues affecting community wellbeing; such as youth criminality, gangs, drugs and reoffending.

Sean Buckley

New Zealand

Sean began his career as a police detective in New Zealand before moving to the UN, investigating political assassinations in the Middle East. His investigative assignments extended into work within UN agencies and international NGOs and has now expanded beyond the humanitarian world into other sectors.

Alfred Zebi

Cote d’Ivoire

Alfred is a qualified lawyer. He has worked in both the humanitarian and development, and corporate sectors. He spent several years as a Senior Legal Counsel with the African Development Bank (AfDB) before joining UNDP for seven years as an Investigation Specialist, where he worked throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Alfred has worked with OSACO for several years where he’s either undertaken or managed complex investigations for UN, INGO and corporate clients, predominately in the African region. While being able to undertake investigations into all types of allegations, he specialises in those relating to fraud, corruption and bribery, particularly issues surrounding procurement.

Jonas Frey

New Zealand

With more than 20 years spent working worldwide in US Navy Special Operations, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operations, Diving Operations, Research and Development, Personal Protective Security, and Physical Security you’d be right to expect that Jonas brings a calm, professional leadership style to his work with OSACO clients.

Steve Gibson

New Zealand

With a 23-year career in the Royal New Zealand Navy and seven years spent working for the United Nations in some demanding locations and settings including Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan and Greece, Steve is motivated to work with OSACO clients to help them understand issues that may harm their organisation and to explore practical ways to reduce that harm.

Simon Scott

New Zealand

Simon Scott joined OSACO as a Senior Consultant in April 2020. He had 19-year career in the New Zealand Police, has owned his owned his businesses, and most recently worked in Emergency Management for the Ministry of Social Development. Simon’s strong leadership ability, which led to swift promotion within the New Zealand Police, makes him a natural choice for his leadership role within OSACO Group.

Daniel Beaudoin

United Kingdom

UK-based Daniel Beaudoin joined OSACO in 2020 as its administration manager. He has a background in aviation and leisure travel, including airport station logistics, having worked with both a leading global travel provider and a small, independent regional carrier.

Jacquie Walters

New Zealand

Jacquie began working with OSACO in 2018 as global communications and media manager. Jacquie is a highly experienced and respected public relations professional known for her ability to give measured, calm, and strategically pertinent counsel in high-pressure situations.