University of Otago’s handling of sex assault irks victims


Time and again we see stories like this where organisations appear to be floundering. There’s no reason for that to be the case when the expertise exists to help them prevent harm and respond appropriately if harm occurs.

The key is working with an organisation that knows what to do. Ask an organisation you’re engaged with as a customer, a parent, or as a service recipient and ask them what training, policies, and systems they have in place to prevent sexual harm, which expert organisation audits that work to see that it’s fit for purpose, and which trained and experienced organisation works with them reactively if something does go wrong to respond with rigour and to implement what’s needed to prevent future harm.

If they’re not able to give you answers that are robust and reassuring then get them to contact us and we can work with them to bridge the integrity gap. We already do this work all around the world and we’re ready and here to help New Zealanders too.

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