Bernard Hickey: What comes after ‘Greed is Good’?


This is a very interesting article from commentator Bernard Hickey. We couldn’t agree more that Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) has to be undertaken with integrity and rigour.

It can’t be the new form of ‘greenwashing’ and that was never the intention of the UN Development Goals. Organisations and businesses around the world are becoming more and more aware that ESG is a ‘must do’ but they’re often not sure who to turn to in order to proactively ensure their organisation and its people are truly aligned. We have also found that accountability of Directors and Governance of organisations is being demanded by shareholders, customers, and financiers/donors.  

That’s where we come in, as an expert independent integrity unit that can help organisations eliminate the human risk factors that can undermine ESG and can lead to fraud, corruption, bullying and a range of other adverse human behaviours.

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