How can New Zealand businesses and organisations meet the bar for Environmental Social Governance?


A member’s bill was drawn out of the ‘hat’ several weeks ago which represents an important step in a vital conversation for Aotearoa New Zealand businesses and organisations. As the Companies (Directors Duties) Amendment Bill’s sponsor Dr. Duncan Webb says in a LinkedIn post:

“In the real world it has long been recognised that companies and other entities of all kinds can have social, environmental and community objectives, and that the welfare of the people who work for them and their families is an important consideration in and of itself. 

This little bill makes sure that the law has caught up with that fact.”

(You can read the Bill here:
Meanwhile, long-term OSACO collaborator David Jenkins-Handy CEA FCIEA FICA MFAP PhD has been preparing a white paper on Environmental Social Governance focusing on environmental sustainability and alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the context of Aotearoa New Zealand business. We’ll be sharing it with you shortly, but in the meantime here is an snippet:
“Fit-for-purpose business models with fit-and-proper management systems are essential for the evolution of Aotearoa’s dairy supply chain. More broadly, there is a need for wider risk management and systems support necessary to deal with potential hazards from flooding and other forces driving environmental degradation.
“OSACO offers services and training that will help boards, executives, business managers and regulatory risk and compliance professionals address sustainability risks. OSACO’s practical engagement with sustainability, business conduct, ethics and people risk, enables organisations to design and develop new business models and adopt management systems built to evolve for continuous improvement.” #environmentalsocialgovernance

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