Sean Buckley

OSACO Co-founder and OSACO Africa Co-director

Sean began his career as a police detective in New Zealand before moving to the UN, investigating political assassinations in the Middle East. His investigative assignments extended into work within UN agencies and international NGOs and have now expanded beyond the humanitarian world into other sectors. Sean is a global investigation specialist with unmatched expertise in the field of PSEA and the investigation of safeguarding related allegations.

“Years of on-the-ground experience in some of the worst humanitarian situations in the world gives you a powerful insight into how things really work and how people function and behave in all kinds of organisational settings,” says Sean. “I believe passionately that things can be done better, so my aim is to bring this to bear on the human and organisational problems we all face in a way that really makes a difference.

“OSACO was founded because we saw the significant need for oversight and compliance specialists – in particular very skilled investigators – who have real, on-the-ground experience in organisations.

“There’s no shortage of big consultancies out there with an academic understanding of organisational theory, but we come at the problem using a real-world approach, dealing with human nature at its best and, more often, unfortunately, at its worst.”

Sean has a particular interest and extensive experience working on the African continent. Establishing an office in the Cote d’Ivoire has been a long-held aim and Sean is delighted to be collaborating with the highly experienced team working from the Abidjan to provide services throughout Africa.

OSACO Africa