Mette Honore

About Me

Based in Denmark, Mette has an extensive legal background and used her skills to work in human rights and refugee law, before shifting to international programming for 10 years. Mette’s recent work has focused on accountability, code of conduct and safeguarding investigations. She currently facilitates safeguarding training (PSEAH) for a number of key organisations in the sector. In addition she undertakes safeguarding investigations and works with organisations to establish the correct safeguarding policies and procedures.

Mette has first-hand experience of OSACO training and recognises the high-level work OSACO does with key organisations in the humanitarian and development sector and with large intergovernmental organisations. “It’s an honour to work with OSACO. I find the work very interesting and challenging in a positive way.”

Key skills: Specialist knowledge of safeguarding standards. Ability to combine her experience gained from many years of international programming with her understanding of the operational reality on the ground to provide ‘real world’ advice and support.

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