New global strategic partnership will expand global reach for OSACO Group and F&C Consulting Group


OSACO Group Ltd (OSACO) and F&C Consulting Group (F&C) are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership that will expand the global reach of both businesses.

Based in New Zealand, OSACO is a global and multi-lingual team of extensively experienced investigative consultants and specialists in compliance, governance, safeguarding, training, and anti-corruption.

Based in Mexico, F&C Consulting is a global forensic investigations and compliance consulting firm that provides solutions in in investigations, compliance, third- party risk management, ESG, due diligence, information security, and training.

The new strategic partnership will leverage OSACO’s physical presence in Cote d’Ivoire and New Zealand and the work of its representatives in Europe, USA, and Asia, in combination with F&C’s existing global footprint, mainly in emerging markets. The result will be that both businesses maintain an active global presence that extends through Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Europe.

“Our solutions will now span all organisational sectors, where we proactively and effectively manage human risk factors, which remain a critical concern for many clients.

“Our combined portfolio now includes corporates, financial institutions, technology companies, governments, private enterprises, public companies, sports and entertainment companies, NGOs and INGOs, humanitarian agencies, UN Agencies, professional services, other public services, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and high-growth, start-up ventures.”

The strategic partnership will combine the global reach of both firms, bringing together OSACO’s substantial track record and innovative business expertise and F&C’s market leading capabilities.

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