Sarah Andruchow

Sarah Andruchow

About Me

A qualified and experienced criminologist, Sarah possesses a unique depth of experience and insight drawn from almost 20 years working in criminal justice, investigations, policy and programmes.

Sarah began her career in criminal investigations with Australian law enforcement before moving to the United Nations, providing expert criminal analysis of political assassinations in the Middle East. Sarah returned to the New South Wales Police Force as a senior criminal analyst, leading a team in Counter Terrorism, providing specialised analysis, threat and risk assessments, supporting complex investigations. After almost a decade with police, Sarah moved to the Justice Department, where she re-designed and managed a programme for terrorism offenders in the community.

Most recently, Sarah has worked with the United Nations team investigating the crimes of the Islamic State in Iraq, leading investigations, gathering evidence and drafting briefs of evidence.

English-speaking and equipped with a working knowledge of Arabic, Sarah possesses a high degree of cultural competency. She holds a Master of Criminology from the University of Sydney Law School, a Bachelor of Arts in Government, an Advanced Diploma of Public Safety and is a qualified trainer and assessor. She has held high-level security clearances.

A meticulous researcher and investigative analyst, Sarah joined OSACO in early 2024.

Key skills: Resilient and performs under pressure, agreeable and adaptable, enjoys being productive, advanced verbal and written communication, critical thinking, qualified trainer of teams working in investigations, expert analyst of human behaviour.

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