White Papers

Evolving Trends in Cryptocurrency Regulation and Money Laundering Prevention

April 15, 2024

Resource Overview: In a world where technology is reshaping every aspect of society, the rise of cryptocurrencies has sparked both innovation and concern. Indeed, cryptocurrencies offer both promise and peril: they represent cutting-edge technology applied to finance, opening doors for development and economic growth. Yet, they also present challenges, particularly in their use by criminal…

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A Culture of Joint Accountability Needs Contextualised, People-Centred, Intersectional, and Proactive Safeguarding

March 5, 2024

Resource Overview: OSACO Group Senior Consultants and safeguarding experts Claudia Zehl and Laetitia Goli discuss emerging trends in safeguarding and the actions that are needed to keep people safe. For more information about OSACO Group services that support safeguarding please email info@osacogroup.com

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