Dominic Smyth

About me

I do what I do because it really matters to me how well organisations work, not just on the immediate level – for the beneficiaries they are there to serve – but on a wider level. The positive impact of well-run, high-integrity organisations can be huge, but the impact on society of corruption and passive mismanagement is greater still, often for the most vulnerable people for whom we should be doing our very best. This applies equally in big business as well as the humanitarian sector.

I’m of British and French descent, but I started my professional life in the Hong Kong police. After 10 years working as an investigator in one of the most densely populated places in the world, I moved to the UN Tribunal investigating war crimes in the former Yugoslavia. From there, I joined the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services in Africa, and then went into various international investigation roles before helping to form OSACO.

Unfortunately, my background has probably made me a sceptic when it comes to people, their motivations and the gap between what they say and what they do in practice, but I like to think I balance that scepticism with some idealism too. I’m convinced we’re capable of better in our society and how we organise ourselves, and that’s what I’m committed to helping bring about.